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Post  dragonzdaughter on Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:31 am

Name of character:Kai
Eye color:Sea blue
Hair color: Light-brown-black sort of colour
Description: Kai, along with his brother Kuro has hidden strength in those arms. He's a tall guy who nearly always wears a playful smile on his face. He and Kuro are Fang's childhood friends, until she went away to this school Soon after that, they also found out about thier powers and were transferred here by their parent's will.
Personality: Kai is a smart-mouthed guy who isn't afraid of saying what he thinks. He is brave and won't back down from a fight. Though he is really childish, he usually gives it his all when fighting with others, but is only really serious with his younger brother, Kuro.
Power 1: Martial Artist- He specializes in using his legs to fight.
Power 2: The 2 rings he wears on his middle finger are used to encase and summon a fox like creature. He then fuses with the fox, but it's really just like him turning into a fox with all his mental capability, and is just gaining the fox's physical capability.
the one on the left.

Name of Character: Kuro
Age: 17
Hair Colour: Grey-black
Eye Colour: Reddish-grey
Description: Kuro is darker than his brother. Though this doesn't mean he's depressed. He likes to have fun sometime, and also sometimes plays some pranks on people with Kai. Just like his brother, he has strength in his arms, though his muscles do actually show. Kuro has a few earrings on his right ear. The scar on his left eye was from when he was a mere baby. He accidentally got into a fight with a tiger, and actually beat up the tiger, but in exchange for that, he got that scar. Kuro can't see anything through that eye, and the scar stings a lot. Might have something to with the fact that whenever he uses his darkness power, he sees with his left eye, but only the warmth. Both he and Kai are quite fast in running. (and I'm being EXTREMELY modest.)
Personality: Kuro is relatively silent. He does speak up quite a lot, but never, ever did anyone hear him shout.
Power 1:Martial Artist- He mainly fights with his fists. Explains the many bandages around his arm.
Power 2:Just like his name suggests, he plays around a bit with darkness. (Kuro means black in Japanese). He can make creatures out of darkness and control them. The only way to really defeat them is with a lot of light, but even then, he could still just punch the person down. ^^

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Post  dawntodream on Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:23 am

cool! great discriptions and powers! Accepted!

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