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Post  dawntodream on Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:19 am

Name of character:"The seekers"
Gender: All
Age: all
Eye color: all
Hair color:all
Description: Group of lengendary race that finds "Specials" and brings them to the school. Very few of the "Specials" Can EVER become seekers, but there are the chosen few who leave with them, and can never return to thier families.
Well respected, need to bow when they enter the room.
Power(s): Goats humans. Their strength is unlimited. They can freeze time, they can see in the dark, (Goat characteristics)

Seekers (Firestarter) Chinese_zodiac___ram_by_Amuria=Young Seeker (Firestarter)
Seekers (Firestarter) 5e6d1f64b965655c1eca4043e73f97e2=Commander

Seekers (Firestarter) Nant_2k_Pageviews_by_Misschief_Majique=High-ranking official

Seekers (Firestarter) Aries_by_morosemordant=Lower raning
Seekers (Firestarter) Yagi_Goodness=Leader.

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