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Post  dawntodream on Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:54 pm

Name of character: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blue
Description: Shinigami is quite literally a god of death.
Personality: Shinigami is very reserved. He doesnt speak much, and when he likes a girl, or knows that a girl likes him, he will act as if he doesnt care about the person, but deep down, he would risk his life for anyone.
History: Shinigami was born in a small farm that was run over by the death gods. He grew up fast, and after 5 years of age, he knew everything there is to know about shinigami's and humans. He was shipped off to the academy when his family disowned him, saying that he wasnt good enough. Ever since, he has dislodged himself from society, and will barely speak unless absolutly needed.
Power 1: Shinigami
Power 2: Has the power to burn anything when he is angry. His eyes will turn red, and whatever he is or was angry at, bursts into flames. There is a drawback. His energy fades and he usually loses conciousness..
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