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Post  dawntodream on Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:42 am

Name of character: Cat cailín
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Eye color: (Like pic.)
Hair color: (Like pic)
Description:Cat is a very short person and she gets picked on alot. She never made many friends, because she looked and acted like a cat. Very smart, knows french and Chinese, along with Irish, her native language.
Personality: She never really lets anyone get close to her emotionally. She does however like to showoff. She LOVES to show her true power.
History: Cat lived in a small, run-down part of Ireland. She was then sent to Asia, where she learned chinese, French, and many martial art forms. But, then comes her powers. She now uses 90 % of her brain capacity, and has the same powers as a cat. She was soon being able to outsmart all that challenged her.
Power 1: Cat powers
Power 2: IQ of about 1590
Picture: Demone and Cat AnimeCatGirl2

Name of character:demone cane
Gender: Male
Eye color: Orange with red pupils
Hair color:Blonde
Description: Demone is two beings. From the outside he looks perfectly normal. But on the inside, he is a demon. A viscious demon. But the thing is, he can't control it. It only takes him over, and turns him into a devils dog, when he sleeps. So, of course, he tries to stay awake as much as possible. When he is in dog form, he will most likly kill those he loves, so he tries not to get attached so easily to another.
Personality: Demone is the quiet type, and he never really opens up to anyone. He never gets attached very easily, and he hates being a half-demon.
History: Demone cane had been a normal boy, at a normal school, in the normal world. His greatest fear was death. Now he wishes it to come. He discovered his powers at the age of 10. He had thought he had just slept through the night, but really, he had killed his parents. He ran away, but the demon followed. Evventually he settled down at the age of 11 in a foster care, but he ended up killing his girlfriend, and parents. He ran away. After 4 years, he has finally found somewhere that will take him in as one of them, and not a murderor.
Power 1: Immortality
Power 2: Demon at night, uncontrolled.
Picture:Demone and Cat Anime-hoodie-male
Demone and Cat Demon_wolf

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