Rowan (I hate the character limit in the title...)

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Rowan (I hate the character limit in the title...) Empty Rowan (I hate the character limit in the title...)

Post  dragonzdaughter on Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:43 pm

Name of character:
Eye color:
Auburn-red-hazel sort of thing
Hair color:
Reddish brown
Rowan, which actually means 'red hair', is a rather pale, skinny girl. She has her hair cut pretty short, just below her chin actually. Rowan also has a moon-shaped scar that starts at the middle of her forehead, curves down the left side of her face, right through the middle of her eye, goes just a little below her chin and stops at the middle of her right cheek.
Rowan's clothing usually consists of a tighter tank-top, a loose zip up/button-up T-shirt over it, which she leaves open and baggy pants. she also has these big goggles on her head, along with headphones. Rowan also has a around 5-7 rubbery things on each wrist that could be called bracelets, but aren't as precious.
Rowan is rather tomboy-ish. She can't really stand people that care way too much about their looks. She's a complete electronics nerd. Rowan knows every single part of a computer or laptop. Quite a handy skill, since she can make something fairly quick with just a few scraps of metal. Rowan is also a complete sucker for little, fur balls. She completely adores them. Also, Rowan likes extreme sports loads.
Rowan was kidnapped at a young age, and brought out of her home country, Australia. She somehow managed to escape however, but she doesn't really remember much after that. She only has vague memories of her past. What Rowan does remember though is that she was involved in many street fights.
Power 1:
REALLY good at martial arts. She doesn't look like it, but she can run quite fast, land very painful punches and her kicks just seriously hurt.
Power 2:
If Rowan just has a piece of metal, she could still make a high-tech robot out of it, that's maybe the same size as her... Actually taller than her.

Rowan (I hate the character limit in the title...) 2412118074_4f9b02de5f

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Rowan (I hate the character limit in the title...) Empty Re: Rowan (I hate the character limit in the title...)

Post  dawntodream on Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:17 pm

nice powrs! Accepted!

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