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Post  Death by Kenny on Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:41 pm

*Making the characters because they are going to be there for a LONG while...*
Name of character: Pat
Eye color:(Picture)
Hair color:Blonde
Description: Taller than sister, and tougher
Personality: Doesnt take anything from anyone. You mess with her, she kills ya,, Plain and simple. She got an evil persona, but her sister rubs off on her, making her cheerful everyonce in a while. She is very blunt, and doesnt lead guys,around she tells them what is on her mind, and if she doesnt like you or somthing, whatever she doesnt like dies. She has a soft side. Rarely seen though.
History: Lived in streets w/ sister, robbing people, beating up people, and loving life. Found the ship that they robbed, and were dropped off at the school, where they are now!
Power 1:Turn into any type of weapon that is solid (No water allowed!)
Power 2: Master of any type of weapon.
Picture:Pat and Lizzi S48rl6-1 (Girl on right)
Name of character:Lizzi
Eye color:(Pic)
Hair color:Blonde
Description:Short compared to sister, not so tough
Personality: Lizzi is the nicer twin. She does take crap from people, but doesnt kill them right away.. It takes her alot compared to sister to make her angry. Has an evil side, but not seen very much unless you make her REALLY mad, or if she is robbing you.
History: --same as sister--
Power 1: Can turn into any type of weapon
Power 2: Can make anything
Picture:Pat and Lizzi S48rl6-1 (Girl on left)

Death by Kenny

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