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Rules and member points Empty Rules and member points

Post  dawntodream on Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:13 pm

There are a few rules you MUST follow!

1. You CAN swear, but mildly. Don't swear in every sentence though.
2. Do NOT kill another player's character unless they approve it first.
3. No teacher would let the students willingly leave the school to the outer islands, but you can SNEAK out!
4. Please post at least one paragraph per post, it helps keeps the roleplaying going!
5.When you make a character, please wait until you get a message saying it is approved.
6. You can have up to 5 characters unless you buy more character spots with member points.
Every character starts with 5 of each stat. All stats increase the chance of beating an opponent.
~~**WARNING!!**~~ Some posts may contain PG13 to adult content.

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