kikiko, Victoria, Tammy, Sierra, White, and Senith

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kikiko, Victoria, Tammy, Sierra, White, and Senith Empty kikiko, Victoria, Tammy, Sierra, White, and Senith

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Name of character: Kikiko
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blue green
Description: Kikiko is very relaxed and doesn't party, or anything like the sort. She only cares for her tiger and doesnt believe in having friends.
Personality: Very calm. Kikiko Stays away from half of the people she meets. Her only friend is the tiger.
Power 1: Power over plants
Power 2: Her pet tiger can turn into a kitten when ever she wants him to.
Name of character:Victoria
Gender: Female
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: blonde
Description: Victoria is a book worm. She is very well mannered. She cannot do anything illegal, nor will she fight anyone.
Personality: Very nice, but plays by the rules.
Power 1: IQ of 1000
Power 2: She can create books out of thin air.
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Name of character: Tammy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eye color:Green
Hair color:Blonde
Description:Tammy is a very energetic girl. She loves to party, sing, and most importantly, dance. She loves music, and can't wait until the next party.
Personality: Tammy is very kind, but hard to get to know since she is always moving. She tries to make friends with every one she knows.
Power 1: Her dancing can attract any guy.
Power 2: When she gets angry, she can make things dissapear in midair
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Name: Sierra
Gender: Female
Eye color:Brown
Hair color: Brown
Personality: Sierra is Tammy's sister, though they look nothing alike, they are sisters. Sierra Is slightly darker than her sister, and she doesn't smile very much at all. It is rare if you see her smile. She does have fun every once in a short while, but she is nnot as wild as her sister. Sierra is a little more cautious, but loves a challenge. She loves to have guys chase after her, but sometimes they don't.
Power 1: can freeze time.
power 2: When she sings, it will put anyone that listens to it in a trance.
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Name of character: Senith
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Orange
Description: Senith is a quiet, shy girl who was abandoned at the age of three. She was raised by animals, so she has a wild personality, though she is both quiet and shy.
Personality: She is shy, kind, quiet, but wild.
Power 1: Half fox
Power 2: Controls the stars.
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Name of character:White Dragon
Eye color:Purple
Hair color: While/silver
Description: White dragon is pretty much a dragon lord. She controls dragons of all sorts, and she can turn into one.
Personality: White is very, how would you say it... Confident in herself. She loves to be around everyone, and loves dragons. Her pet, Sallidiama-lokianfa-joasds (Nicknamed Sall for short) Is her favorite friend, and follows her where ever she may go. White is in love, but shall never speak of whom. She loves to keep secrets, and you can trust her with anything.
Power 1: Dragon lord (Controls dragons with her mind and sword)
Power 2: -pro- Martial artist.
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