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Post  dawntodream on Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:13 pm

Name of character:Justin
Eye color:(Guy on left)
Hair color:(Guy on left)
Description: Justin loves to be around girls. He has a very light character.
Personality: Justin is very optomistic, unlike his brother. He loves to go to the beach to see all the girls, unlike his brother. NOT very mature or smart.
History: Justin and Spencer are twins, and they are nothing alike. When they were younger, (5) they would find their powers. Justin found his later
Power 1: Control over life: (Can bring dead ppl back)
Power 2: Can talk to animals
Picture:Vacksin brothers Anime_044
Name of character: Spencer
Eye color:(Guy on right)
Hair color:(Guy on rihgt)
Description:Spencer is very dark. loves to hang out with guys
Personality: Spencer is very pessimistic, unlike his brother. He loves to go to the cemetary to see all the graves, unlike his brother. very mature and smart.
History: Discovered powers at a very young age.
Power 1: Control over souls (No one knows this)
Power 2: Absorb powers (1/4 of powers if volentarily able)
Picture:Vacksin brothers Anime_044

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